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"There are many secrets in a chaebol¹."

"Isn't that what you mean?”

Still, his frown did not loosen up.

"You know, I'm pretty smart for my age."

"It's not that bad, but how do you know this? At your age?"

Oh Se-hyun shook the note I gave him and said.

Now, it was time to use the excuse I prepared.

"Was it about three years ago? I knew first, that my family was completely ignored."

And of course, I didn't forget to speak with a little solitary expression.

"The reason my family is ignored and looked down on is because of money.”

"Dojun, that's a misunderstanding. No one ignores your family."

Isn't he aware of it? Or are they just words of consolation? He said he was my father's best friend, so it was probably the latter. I ignored his words and went on,

"However, I noticed that my grandfather's family was wary and jealous of each other."

"You're quick-witted."

"Yes. I'm sure they're trying to acquire more of my grandfather's companies.”

"So you want to inherit your grandfather's company, too?”

"No, I already told you. I want a company bigger than my grandfather's.”

"I don't think that's the answer to this note."

Oh Se-hyun frowned again and shook the notebook.

"If a 12-year-old made the contents of this note, no one would believe it. How did you know about this? Establish an investment company in the United States and invest again in Korea? Even students at Seoul National University's commercial school don't think in this way."

Now I had to answer well. It was going to be forced anyway.

"That's because university students at Seoul National University are not grandchildren of the chairman of a conglomerate. And they don't have a dream as big as I do."


"I went to my grandfather's house every week for the past three years. I stayed with my grandfather during the vacation. And I tried to understand everything my grandfather said. I don't know if you know, but I'm smart. I don't get even a single question wrong on the school exam."

Uncle's eyes grew bigger and bigger, and I thought I should cut it here.

The more words, the more questions there are.

"Uncle, can we stop talking about this?"

"Well, yes, let me ask you one last question."


"Why do you want to move money to a foreign country?"

"Grandpa keeps a lot of money abroad. He said it's the best way to hide money. And I have to hide it that I make money. There are a lot of people who are jealous.”

"You mean your uncles?"

"Yes. They must already be jealous of my grandfather's love for me, right?”

So when you make money, you want to send all the money to a company that you made in the United States and hide it.”


Now it was time to throw a bait to erase Oh Se-hyun's curiosity.

"I'm always with my grandfather. And he says a lot of important things when I'm around. If I do what my grandfather does, I'll make money easily.”

That's right! Now I'm not surprised to hear these things from him. 

Even his eyes shone.

No matter what anyone said, Oh Se-hyun was also a front-line fighter for capitalism.

I found a route to find out the secret investment or investment plan of the chairman of Sunyang Group in advance, but how can I not be greedy?

But that expectation will sooner or later turn into disappointment.

I didn't do it for a penny. Even if it's money earned by leaning on Chairman Jin's words, the rate of return was not good.

Of course, it would be a huge return for someone like Oh Se-hyun.

To be satisfied with two or three times the puffiness, you don't have go through the cumbersome task of starting a company in the U.S.

It's possible to earn tens or hundreds of times if you're like who knows the future well.

Oh Se-hyun picked up a stack of investment management documents he had put down.

"You won't need this. If it is the investment plan of the chairman of Sunyang Group, it will be much more valuable than this plan."

Oh Se-hyun, who packed the documents, sat down in front of me with a comfortable look.

It was a professional posture.

"By the end of the year, we will be able to build an investment company in the United States. Your money will go into the U.S. headquarters from our company. Then from the headquarters into the investment company's account."

"You can do that on your own,”

I shook my hand and said, but Oh Se-hyun's explanation did not stop.

"You'll own 100% of the investment company and I'll keep the funds in the United States until you want to. Of course, your money will cover the company's operating expenses."

This kept the basics of the asset management manager. It was an obligation to explain everything to the customer without hiding it.

"We need to make money quickly so that we can make a return on investment. Or I just forget the money. Hehe."

"Before that, I have another favor to ask of you.”

"Again? How much are you going to surprise me this time? Ha ha."

It'll be surprising, but it'll feel a little different.

I explained calmly what I had been thinking.

* * *

Jin Yoon-ki quickly pulled over Oh Se-hyun, who was coming down from the upper floor, when he saw him shake his head and sigh.

"What? What's wrong?"

"You bastard, you've done a great job bringing up that son of yours. I'm envious of you."

"What are you saying?”

"Let's sit down for now."

Oh Se-hyun threw his bag and slumped on the living room sofa. Jin Yoon-ki did not hide his impatience when he took out a cigarette and did not speak, exhaling a long smoke.

"Are you only going to smoke? Don't you want to hurry up and tell me?”

"As I said earlier, Do-jun will roll his money. But only 10 billion."

Oh Se-hyun neither spoke long nor told the truth about the investment plan. Not because of the confidentiality promise but because the father and son had opposite tendencies. He was worried that the more he knew, the more conflict would occur.

"10 billion? Isn't it 14 billion in total? What about 4 billion?"

"He wants to build a movie production company. You are the number one candidate for the production company's CEO."

Oh Se-hyun emphasized the word "candidate" and looked at Jin-joon's expression.

I probably look like this myself.

He was so surprised that he couldn't say anything and just opened his mouth in a daze.

It was fun to watch others shocked.

Currently, the average production cost of a Korean film is only 150 million won. The movie "The General's Son" by famous director Lim Kwon-taek, which is currently in full swing, is also said to have invested a huge amount of money, but it does not exceed 600 million won. At least 10 movies can be made for 4 billion won.

Even without receiving a penny of external investment.

"He's very thoughtful. He told me you'll reject it if he just gave you money, so he asked to start a film company unconditionally. Then, even if it was like crying and eating mustard, he asked if you could take charge of the company, Yoonki"

He couldn't hide his complicated feelings.

Crumpled pride, the prowess of his deep-seated son, the opportunity to finally achieve his dream, and the gaze of his father, Chairman Jin.

Jin Yoon-ki was still unable to open his mouth and speak.

"I want you to do away with your miscellaneous thoughts and just do it. It's an opportunity given to you by your own young son. Do your best. You're still young."

Oh Se-hyun tapped Jin Yoon-ki's shoulder and left, but Jin Yoon-ki sat motionless as if he were stuck in the spot.

* * *

A slightly flushed father carefully opened my door and entered.

"Are you studying?"

"Oh, yes."

Although he couldn't speak easily, his expression showed his willingness to take charge of the film company.

I thought I'd better say it first to blow away awkwardness and shame at the same time.

"Father, I want all of my family to be happy. Mother said it and so did you. Happiness to live doing what you want to do."

It was out of the blue, but there was no way he was unaware of my intention. My father's face turned redder.

"Isn't that funny? A father should protect his son's happiness…”

"I just gave my father a present. You're going to keep protecting me. Nothing has changed and it's not strange."

"What if I make a movie and I fail?"

"You're going to be unemployed again.”

My father also revealed a comfortable smile as I smiled.

"4 billion is a lot of money. There may be a time when you need it in your dream of becoming richer than your grandfather. There are many companies that fail because they don't have 400 million won, or 40 million won."

"My father can make a good movie and make it 40 billion won."

Oh, you can use that for yourself. It's 4 billion. I'm ok even without it. The words, "Don't worry and free your mind," filled my throat, but I held it in.

I didn't know how hard it would be to  achieve the dream of an innocent adult.

However, when my father embraced me as hard as he could, my eyes turned red for no reason.

* * *

"What? Full withdrawal?"

- Yes, sir. I too was surprised by the sudden request.

The bank manager's voice crawled in.

- I only responded to the customer's request, but the customer was such an amazing person that I flinched as if I had committed a crime for no reason.

"When did you withdraw it?”

- I just transferred the entire amount to an account a while ago.


- It's an asset management company called Power Shares, you know?

"Of course I know. How can a man who rolls money not know this name?

"Did Dojun come alone? Or with his father?"

- No, only people from Power Shares came. I've prepared the required documents from the parental consent form...

"Okay. If you have any new updates, contact me right away."

- Yes, chief.

Chief of Staff Lee Hak-jae, who put down the phone, urgently called several employees.

"Find out who is related to Jin Yoon-ki among Power Sears executives and employees. No, find all the people who are related to the chairman's family."

I didn't expect that at all.

Do-jun is just a child and his father is a good man who has no greed for money.

Dojun's money that they initially thought would sleep in the bank until he became an adult was withdrawn in less than a month.

It was not a big deal if he had been swindled.

Lee Hak-jae, who spent almost a day nervous, sighed and was relieved to see what the employees had figured out.

At least it didn't seem like he was scammed.

However, it was not a matter to be buried as it was.

Lee Hak-jae ran to Chairman Jin's study with the information.

[T/N: [1] Chaebol - Rich business family.

Chaebol is an English transliteration of the Korean word 재벌, which means plutocracy, rich business family, or monopoly, and the chaebol structure can encompass a single large company or several groups of companies.]

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