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Since then, Gerard had become so overprotective of Ortansia that thosIe around him were a little worried.

He didn't want her to get close to danger. He wanted her to stay within his sight.

But Ortánsia still tried to be useful to her father and Brother, saying, "I am also a daughter of the Verite family".

When they visited the capital together, she touched and healed Gérard's painful memories of the past that he had been holding on to for a long time.

"Hey, big brother. Let's... split it in half."

"Please don't forget, big brother. We're halves. We share the happy moments and the sad ones together."

Ortansia will probably never know how much those words saved Gerard's heart.

Alienated by his mother from the moment he was born, he thought he was an unwanted person. Only the appearance inherited from his parents and the title of heir to the Verite family were worth it.

An empty puppet with an incomplete heart.

That was the existence of Gérard.

But after meeting Ortansia, he felt the missing part of his heart were gradually being filled in.

Going on walks with her, even familiar landscapes looked completely different.

It was as if the monochrome world was being coloured with colour.

Ortansia's presence also changed the fundamental nature of Gérard as a person.

However, as the presence of Ortansia grew within Gerard, his obsession with her also intensified.

Ortansia, claiming to be "the daughter of a duke," actively sought to engage in high society events. However, such behaviour was not preferable to Gerard.

Charming as she was, Ortansia, the daughter of a duke, would surely attract suitors from noble families across the country. Just the thought of it was enough to arouse feelings of irresistible discomfort.

If possible, Gerard didn't want Ortansia to be seen by anyone's eyes.

...Especially, not by that prince's eyes.

Prince Victor, who was of the same age as Ortansia, seemed to have taken an interest in her due to their chance encounter.

The moment Gerard witnessed him approaching Ortansia, an unprecedented sense of crisis and discomfort overwhelmed him.

... Prince Victor must not be allowed near Ortansia.

Deep in his chest, he couldn't stop screaming.

As soon as he saw Prince Victor approaching Ortansia, an instinctive impatience that pierced his skin was burning in his chest, completely different from the sense of crisis he felt towards other people.


Never, ever let Ortansia near him alone.

Otherwise, he couldn't help feeling that Ortansia will disappear.

Is this a feeling of wanting to save his sister from danger as a brother?


"Why can't you just admit it sooner?"

Gerard, who had been pensive for some time, clicks his tongue at the voice coming from the side.

He looked over and saw the apparition of Ortansia looking at him and giggling.

"Besides, it won’t be strange. Your father was attracted to my mother. It's the same thing. Rather natural, isn't it?"

"She is my sister."

"Do you really believe that? Don't you just assume that?"

"Go away now."

As he reached for the sword by his side,  Ortansia's apparition smiled slightly with a hint of sadness.

"Poor older brother. I only wanted to save you."

With those final words, it vanished..

With no one in the room, Gérard breathed a sigh of relief.

Although she has vanished for the time being, Ortansia's apparition will surely appear before Gérard again.

He would suffer from nightmares when he slept at night, and recently, even during the day, he was haunted by that apparition.

But that will end soon.

Gérard quietly looked down at the letter on his desk.

 ..."I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your cooperation in defeating the false sun."

A letter from the Duke of Linie.

Yes, in a few moments this nightmare will be over,

By cutting off the root of Ortansia's suffering, he would be able to save Ortansia.

"...This is also for her sake."

If his little sister can remain smiling, he is willing to taint his own hands with blood, no matter the extent.

For that reason, he must achieve it all while Ortansia is locked away.

"You have made your decision."

Suddenly, a different voice was heard.

"When Gerard raised his face, Lucian, who had appeared out of nowhere, was gazing at him with eyes filled with deep emotions."

"According to the vision of the future you have witnessed, Miss Ortansia cannot avoid a fate of death as long as Prince Victor exists. In that case, we simply need to remove Prince Victor. It's a rather straightforward matter."

Lycian laughs meaningfully as he stares at Gerad.

"You know, any wrongdoing is as good as nothing if it isn't exposed. I am sure that Gérard and the Duke of Linie will be able to carry out even this important task without a hitch. I commend you for your decision."

Gérard did not reply to these words. He just looked out the window.

The twin stars that he had once seen with Ortansia were nowhere to be found.


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