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Ortansia is Gerard's precious little sister.

Since the moment of his birth, he had never been loved by his mother.

His father had welcomed Gerard as his son, but there was always an odd sense of distance between them.

To Gerard, his father was first and foremost a "duke" rather than a father, and to his father, and for his father Gérard was more of an 'heir' than a son.

As a son of the duke's family, he was granted unquestionable privileges. However, he had never felt it as unconditional love.

In Gérard's lonely life, his stepsister, Ortansia appeared.

He had no intention of complaining about his father having a mistress.

Considering his mother's hysterical nature, it was not an unreasonable act.

His step-sister, who suddenly appeared, bore no resemblance to their father or himself.

...She might not be his father's biological child.

Gérard was the first to have such doubts.

That didn't mean he was going to kick Ortansia out of the dukedom, though.

As long as his father had decided to take Ortansia in, Gérard had no intention of interfering with that decision.

Did he want to use her as a pawn in a political marriage, or did he simply have feelings for a daughter who bore the image of his mistress? It didn't matter. Gérard had no intention of getting deeply involved with her. None, or so he thought…

 ... "Good morning, Gérard-Sama."

She said this to Gérard with a smile.

It was so sudden that Gérard did not know how to react.

He even felt a little frustrated that he was called 'Gérard-sama' while his father was called 'Father'.

In the end, he left without saying anything at that moment.

But afterwards, Gérard reflected on his own conduct, which was unusual for him.

 Ortansia was the daughter his father had welcomed into the Verite Ducal household. Some of the servants had taken to belittling her, calling her a whore's daughter and so on.

If Gerard were to treat her harshly, it would only further embolden them.

Conversely... If Gerard were to show her respect, the servants might reconsider their thoughts.

Therefore, this is an action necessary to maintain the order of the Ducal House.

Gérard made up his mind, while making up excuses that were not directed at anyone, such as ....

This time, he would get closer to her...

As if to support Gérard's decision, an incident occurred at the duke's residence.

Ortansia's maid was accused of stealing the house's equipment.

Ortánsia stood up to clear the maid's name and used her newfound blessing to uncover the real culprit.

Gerard was astonished by her proactive attitude.

And he found himself helping out.

"...What kind of insolence is it for a servant to talk back to a Verite Ducal House member?"

When Gerard clearly stated this, the servants surely took it to heart.

They must never underestimate Ortansia's existence.

Shortly after, Gerard had an opportunity to speak with Ortansia alone.

Just as he turned the corner of the corridor in the mansion, he bumped into Ortansia.

Ortansia looked at Gerard, her eyes widening in surprise.

And what came out of her mouth was…

  "Oh Oniisama…"

She did, indeed, call Gérard that.

At that moment, a definite joy resonated in Gerard's heart.

For the first time, he recognized the girl in front of him as his "sister."

The warm emotions that welled up inside his chest might possibly be called "love."

 He realized that he had to protect this little life before him.

Naturally, he had come to think that way.

 - "That maid you protected, it seems she will remain in the mansion."."

When I said this to her, Ortansia smiled happily.

   … "It's thanks to Oniisama's help! Oniisama was very reliable at that time! Ehehe, thank you!"

Her innocent smile and cheerful voice seemed to melt the ice that covered Gérard's heart little by little.

Gérard, who did not receive parental love when he was a child, did not know how to love or be compassionate towards others.

Still, whenever he is in front of his little sister, he feels like he had to do something for her anyway.

 ..."I'm sorry, but it's time to go. If you have any more problems, tell me."

With those words, Gerard lightly touched Ortansia's small head in imitation and left the scene.

 Inwardly, he wondered what he can do to make a girl of that age happy.

When she told him that the rare flowers in the garden were beautiful, he ordered the gardener to create a flower bed.

When he heard that a girl of her age would appreciate a pretty dress, he called in the best fashion designer in the country.

Ortansia was delighted with Gérard's arrangement. At least, that was how Gérard saw it.

When Ortânsia was pleased, it was as if one of the candles in Gérard's heart was lit.

Little by little, the flame melted the thick ice that covered Gérard's heart.

That's how it seemed to him.

The turning point came soon after.

Ortansia was kidnapped.

Knowing that she couldn't possibly stay quiet in the mansion, Gerard did everything in his power to search for his sister's whereabouts.

And when he discovered that she was being held captive by a demonic cult group, without listening to those around him, he immediately rushed in first.

 "...I have to go and save Ortansia as soon as possible."

     "…This time, before it's too late."

Such thoughts welled up from deep within his chest.

    …This time, ......?

Such a question crossed his mind for a moment, but he didn't have time to think too much about it.

In any case, he had to hurry to Ortansia's side.

 ..."Help me... brother!"

As soon as he heard that voice, he knew that the thread of reason inside him had been burned out.

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