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In the modern car, Lee Fuzhen was still thinking about the meeting just now.

The Lee family in Quanzhou was a massive figure to whom even the father must yield three points.

With years of accumulated connections and an unknown amount of wealth spread across the country, it could be said to be a great assistance for anyone. Unfortunately, Li Zhenyu chose the wrong path.

However, compared to the sniveling child he was, he now looked more masculine.

His body was not bulky, but he had a good figure.

Many men were now leaning towards femininity, which was nauseating to think about. It's more comfortable to look at a man like him.

"He has really grown up!" Lee Fuzhen smiled gently, feeling a hint of curiosity towards him.

What happened in these past few years that has transformed that timid and introverted child into this appearance?

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After collecting rent from the second tenant, Lee Zhenyu's formerly empty wallet became thick.

"Why does Senior live here? She hasn't worked for a long time."

Lee Zhubin was still puzzled about where Senior got the money to pay the rent.

"The wealthy people here often ask her to do stretching exercises."

"Stretching, like yoga?"

"Yes." Lee Zhenyu nodded.

Of course, it's yoga, but the process was a bit special.

Lee Zhenyu did not comment on the tenant's profession.

Earning money by one's abilities and stating the price clearly, a consensual transaction, was far better than pretending to do business with love.

"Don't you need to go back?" Lee Zhenyu was curious about why she was still following him.

"I finally came out for a trip, so of course I want to have some fun."

Encountering such an interesting and mysterious oppa, Lee Zhubin felt like she was participating in a TV drama.

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Expecting the plot to unfold, how could she bear to leave like this?

Moreover, she hadn't had enough fun yet!

In the daytime, Itaewon was a paradise for young couples and office workers.

Here, various brands, delicious food, and handsome men and beautiful women converged, making people feel like they were in a dreamland.

When Lee Zhubin appeared, holding Li Zhenyu's arm and smiling happily, it added a touch of beauty to this dream.

"Oppa, what do you do for a living?"

"I'm an unemployed person, barely getting by with rental income."

"..." Lee Zhubin was speechless.

Barely getting by with an income of 30 million won per quarter.

So what are we, beggars?

"Oppa, oppa, there's a new tavern here. Let's go and try it!"

Li Zhenyu looked at her with a smile, confirming that he didn't misunderstand, and walked towards the beer house with her.

Since someone willingly approached him, what reason does he have to refuse?

Koreans love drinking, and soju was always at the top, monopolizing the entire market.

Next was rice wine, with its sweet taste favored by women and the elderly.

Finally, various types of foreign liquor and beer.

The tavern mentioned by Lee Zhubin was a new sweet-style rice wine house located on the street.

The storefront had the typical sweet-style decoration, and the seating area was sunken-style.

In recent years, this kind of decoration style had been well-liked by the public.

"One pot of rice wine, seafood pancakes, and a few small dishes. That's all. Cheers!"

The food quickly arrived, with rice wine served in aluminum pots, accompanied by seafood pancakes and a few delicate side dishes.

"Cheers!" Lee Zhubin raised the murky liquid in the iron bowl and clinked glasses with him.

Gulp, gulp~

Downing the sweet rice wine in one go, Lee Zhubin's eyes narrowed happily.

She picked up a piece of seafood pancake and joyfully took small bites. 

Lee Zhenyu used chopsticks to pick at the side dishes but didn't touch the seafood pancake.

"Gudong, gudong~

In one gulp, Li Zhubin finished the sweet rice wine at the bottom of the bowl, and his eyes squinted happily.

Li Zhenyu used chopsticks to pick up the side dishes but didn't touch the seafood cake.

"Oppa, try it, it's delicious." With one hand supporting the table, Li Zhubin brought the half-eaten seafood cake to his mouth.

Li Zhenyu hesitated for a moment, then took a big bite.

Li Zhubin looked at him expectantly and asked, "How is it? Is it delicious?"

Li Zhenyu nodded and said, "Um," as a positive answer.

"Ah, ~" Li Zhubin handed the seafood cake over again, feeding him bite by bite.

The feeling of being served was even more satisfying than the taste of the food.

Gudong, gudong~

A jug of rice wine quickly reached the bottom, its gentle and sweet taste was like a drink.

The more she drank, the more she wanted to drink and she didn't even remember that it was alcoholic.

Li Zhubin's head swayed as she stood up unsteadily.

Supporting herself on the table, she came to his side and leaned against him: "Oppa, has anyone ever told you that you...you look so handsome."

"Like...a real man, so...so secure."

"I, I...I think I might like you a little." Li Zhubin looked at him with a dazed gaze, smiling foolishly.

Li Zhenyu supported her drooping head and calmly said, "You're drunk."

"I'm not drunk, I still want to drink, where is my wine?" Li Zhubin grabbed the iron jug and shook it forcefully.

"Oh, it's all gone."

"Hey, here, bring another jug."

Li Zhubin waved the empty iron jug while shouting.

"Don't drink anymore, you're already drunk." Li Zhenyu released her hand holding the aluminum jug and said to the approaching waiter, "Check, please."

The two of them spent 12,000 yuan. After Li Zhenyu paid, he supported her and walked outside.

"Oppa, take me home!" Li Zhubin leaned against his chest, speaking in a coquettish manner.

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At this point, it would be inappropriate not to take her along.


"Driver, Nan Damoon Market, Kangsang Midah!" Li Zhubin, who had already 'passed out' in his arms, got into the car.

Under the driver's teasing smile of 'I understand,' the two of them smoothly returned to his rented house.

After getting out of the car, he saw that she had no strength left in her body.

Li Zhenyu simply bent down and picked her up, striding towards his home.


The door closed, and the atmosphere inside the room immediately heated up.

The body in his arms also heated up.

"You're still pretending? How long are you going to keep acting?" Li Zhenyu stood in place, grinning as he looked at the pretty woman with half of her face covered by her hair.

Women were not sentimental creatures.

It's just that the price that was needed to pay them was much higher than that of any known creature.

Once someone could pay this price, women would become the kindest and most understanding beings in the world, able to guess all the thoughts of the other person in an instant.

And willing to perform the best in this role, with accuracy comparable to spiritual entities...

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Obviously, Li Zhenyu in this lifetime was one of the rare 1 percent.

Li Zhubin blinked her timid eyes, and quickly opened and closed them again, resembling a startled deer. "Oppa, do you prefer a single ponytail or a double ponytail?"

"What about a bun?" Li Zhenyu's mouth curved into a mischievous smile.


This bridle is so slippery, it almost slipped away.

The next day, when he opened his eyes, there was no other figure in the room.

He picked up the note on the bedside table, and a smile appeared on Li Zhenyu's face.

'Oppa, I went back to the company. This is my dormitory's phone number. Remember to call me, love you - only yours, Zhu Zhu.'

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