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Li Zhenyu casually threw the note into the trash can and got up to take a shower.

Looking in the mirror, he realized that he had forgotten to remove the tattoo.

He rubbed it under the water and found that there was nothing wrong with it.

He was too lazy to bother with it, so he just finished washing.

The habit was a terrible thing. Once it was formed, whether someone had a tattoo or not would seem less important.

"Oh right, there's a reward."

"Final calculation completed, rewards distributed."

"This comprehensive evaluation is A-level, and you have received three rewards."

"Reward 1: A-level Crit Card."

"Reward 2: Information Surveillance Card."

"Reward 3: Magical Whitening Essential Oil."

The first two rewards were normal, but the explanation for the last one, the essential oil, made Li Zhenyu feel strange.

PS: It has a magical whitening effect and can stimulate a large amount of hormone secretion when used by the opposite sex.

After having a good time last night, Li Zhenyu was in a particularly good mood today.

With a full wallet, he naturally couldn't treat himself badly.

Li Zhenyu changed into a hoodie and loose sweatpants, put on his wallet and watch, and confidently closed the door as he walked out.

First, he would have to treat himself to breakfast.


What should he do?

Working hard for the boss was definitely not right, but he could do it for himself.

Changing a Ferrari every year, would that be too little?

I want nobody nobody but You...

The phone rang, and Li Zhenyu looked down at his phone and stopped his steps.

He answered the call and put the phone to his ear.

Only the faint breath between the two sides made the silence even heavier.

"Are you willing to come back?"


"Not willing to come back yet? Haven't you had enough lessons yet? I thought you had the courage to persist until the end and never use the money in that card."

"Is this why you called?" Li Zhenyu's smile was full of mockery.

The high position of the big boss collapsed in his heart.

To call and mock a junior for such a small matter was really beneath his status.

Is this the big boss?

More childish than the brat living next door.

"It's your persistence that is worthless in reality. Don't think it's so noble. Don't be so childish anymore."

"The childish one is you, right?"

"If you had called to mock me, you have achieved that. Don't call me again if there's nothing else."

"I have nothing to say to you."

Li Zhenyu disdainfully curled his lips, and his previous good mood turned a bit irritable.


His steps forward stopped again, and he muttered in confusion, "Was I too invested?"

All those things happened to his "previous self" and had nothing to do with him.

He had no reason to be so angry about it.

"Why let an irrelevant person affect my good mood?"

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Quanzhou was the ancestral land of the Li family.

Li Qiu silently put down the phone, "Give me a report!"

"The investigation that was requested from the Li family in Hancheng has yielded results."

"The young master has never been to any tattoo parlor, nor does he know anyone in that field. He has never had any contact with any gangsters.”

“Of course, it's not ruled out that it could be some street ruffians. The judgment of the confidential secretariat is that there is a 90% chance that the tattoo is fake."

Li Qiu's expression was stoic, but his inner worries disappeared completely at this moment.

This was the best news he had heard all week.

However, why is it 90%, what about the remaining 10%?

"Service to the country..."

Li Qiu's expression froze, and the smile on his face also disappeared.

Normal military service naturally did not allow tattoos, but his situation was different from an ordinary person’s military service.

Li Qiu began to worry that this might be the truth.


The elevator door opened, and Li Zhenyu saw a familiar face.

"Zhenyu, are you going out so early?" The plump woman in the high-necked sweater, with a slight smile on her face, revealed a 55-degree slope, which emphasized her ample bosom.

If they were not neighbors and somewhat familiar with each other, the woman would never greet him. No ordinary person would not be afraid of hooligans.

"Well, is there something special today that made you buy so much?" Li Zhenyu nodded politely and took the initiative to help.

"No need, Zhenyu, it's fine…" The woman couldn't resist him and he took all her bags.

Then, he walked back in the same direction, without any hesitation.

Seeing his behavior was the same as before, the woman's worries subsided a bit.

She didn't believe that Zhenyu had turned bad, but everyone said that he joined an improper gang and got a scary tattoo on his body.

He even looked more aggressive than before.

Just now, the woman noticed the difference in his expression.

In the past, he was gentle and weak, clearly a well-behaved and intelligent student, exuding an air of scholarly elegance.

Now, even his back appeared broad and solid.

Like a true man!

Although Li Zhenyu didn't have much interaction with the neighbors, nothing could be hidden from the other tenants in the building.

The gossiping women always had to find something to pass the time.

"Huina, do you need help taking these things into the house?" 

At the door of the room, Li Zhenyu stopped as usual.

"Ah~ Thank you, thank you so much, Zhenyu." While speaking, Yin Huina hurriedly took out the key from her pocket.

Looking at her rushing to open the door, with her curvaceous figure accentuated by her tight-fitting clothes, Li Zhenyu cursed his previous self in his heart, 'You idiot, what a fool.'

But fortunately, the impression left by this fool allowed him to have a chance.

Thin waist, peach-like buttocks, perfect S-shaped figure from every angle.

Her beautiful face appeared somewhat pale due to her chores.

But with a little care and grooming, she would definitely amaze everyone.

Li Zhenyu remembered the wedding photo he had seen at home.

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The Yin Huina in the photo was even more stunning than the celebrities on the screen.

And even surpassing them in terms of body!

"Okay, come in." Yin Huina opened the door and took a few steps back to let him enter first.

Familiar entryway, Li Zhenyu placed the things against the wall, turned around, and intended to leave.

"Zhenyu, take a break and have a drink!" Yin Huina took off her white sneakers and walked barefoot into the house.

As she walked, she urged him to come in, sit down, and have a drink before leaving.

"Okay, sorry for the trouble." Li Zhenyu politely accepted and took off his shoes and walked in barefooted.

The room was very clean, despite her having to manage her business and take care of her child. The house was typically clean.

Under these circumstances, she still managed to exercise and maintain her figure.

The potential of women was sometimes truly incredible.

"Here you go." Yin Huina placed a glass of chilled juice in front of him and apologized, "Sorry, there's only store-bought juice at home."

Yin Huina's face displayed a hint of shyness and embarrassment for not having fresh fruit from freshly squeezed juice.

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In the past, she had lived a luxurious life that everyone envied.

Who could have imagined that a beauty like her would have fallen to such a state.

There was a time when Yin Huina was on the verge of giving up completely.

It was her child who gave her courage, which allowed her to persevere.

Now, although her life was a bit difficult, at least everything was on track, moving towards a better direction.

As long as Shangyu could grow up safely and healthy, her life would be considered fulfilling.

"Hiss~" There was a faint sound of flowing water, which had never stopped.

Li Zhenyu was curious, took a sip of juice, and asked, "Huina, is there something broken in your house?"

"Ah?" Yin Huina hesitated for a moment and gestured towards the bathroom, "It's the faucet, I haven't been able to turn it off since last night."

"It's been constantly dripping, and I was getting ready to call someone to fix it."

Li Zhenyu nodded and rolled up his sleeves, "Let me take a look. It might be a problem with the pipe or the connection."

"Can you? It's really troublesome." Yin Huina said apologetically.

Li Zhenyu entered the bathroom without hesitation. Without looking back, he asked, "Do you have any tools at home? Give them to me, it should be a quick fix."

The valve wasn't closing properly, a small matter that could be fixed by replacing the faucet.

"That's great, I have them. I'll go get them." Yin Huina brought the simple tools given as a gift with the purchase of daily necessities.

Li Zhenyu had already found the valve and shut off the water.

Using the tools, he dismantled the faucet. In the light, he saw that the ball valve inside was missing a tooth due to rust.

"Indeed, the valve is broken. Do you have a new one?"

"I don't, I'm sorry, I'll go buy one now."

"No need, I have one at home."

He brought the old faucet from his home and replaced it for her. Li Zhenyu opened the main valve to test if there were any leaks.

The effect seemed good, so Li Zhenyu decided to turn it on and off a few more times.

After repeatedly switching it, there were no issues. Li Zhenyu put down the tools and said, "It's done."

"Thank you so much, Zhenyu, I…" 


The new faucet suddenly burst at the valve, and the water spouted like a fountain, drenching the two people inside the small bathroom.

"Ah~" In the midst of screams, a sound of a key unlocking the door came from outside.

"Huina, are you back?"


A big hand covered Yin Huina's mouth and pulled her half-exposed body into the bathroom.

"Shh~ Huina, you wouldn't want your family to see and misunderstand, right?"

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